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Official Journal of the Japan Wood Research Society

Colorimetry of wood specimens from French Guiana


The color of 97 species of wood specimens from French Guiana was measured on their radial and tangential surfaces with a colorimeter. We obtained the tristimulus values of X, Y, and Z of the 10° standard observer under the illuminant of D 65, and the values of the CIELAB color system, L *, a*, b*, C*, and h. When the lightness index (L *) was <54, b *, C *, and h showed positive correlations against L *. When L * was >54, a * and C * showed negative correlations against L *. These results imply that wood color should be discussed by separating wood specimens into the high and low-lightness groups. A good positive correlation was found between the L * and h throughout the whole range of L *. It is thought that the value of h can be an important index, as can L *, for comparing of wood color because h shows a simple relation with L *.


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