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Acceleration of the cure of phenolic resin adhesives VII: Influence of extractives of merbau wood on bonding


The influence of merbau wood extractives on the gelation rate of a phenolic adhesive and the effects of some cure accelerators on the bond performance of merbau plywood were investigated. The addition of merbau wood extractives slightly increased the gelation rate of the phenolic resin. This increase in the gelation rate was revealed to be due to a fall in the resin pH caused by addition of the extractives. The addition of cure accelerators, sodium carbonate and propylene carbonate, caused a considerable reduction in the hot-pressing time required for the merbau plywood to achieve sufficient bond qualities. Brushing veneer surfaces caused an increase in bond qualities. The combination of the cure acceleration and the surface brushing greatly improved the bondability of merbau wood. The main factor of gluing difficulty is considered to be the poor wettability of the veneer surfaces resulted from the accumulation of migrating extractives.


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