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Evaluation of rolling shear strength of plywood by flexural vibration method


The rolling shear strength of plywood was evaluated using a flexural vibration test. Test specimens were lauan and Douglas fir three-ply plywoods made from thick veneers. The dynamic shear and Young's moduli were determined using the flexural vibration method, which involved in-plane and out-of-plane flexural vibration. The rolling shear strength was determined using the static destructive method, which is dependent on the direction of the lathe check in the core veneer. Before and after accelerated aging treatments were conducted, there were relations between out-of-plane dynamic properties (out-of-plane shear and Young's moduli) and its rolling shear strength. It was concluded that the rolling shear strength is related not only to the shear property of the core but the flexural stiffness of two faces when the deformation of out-of-plane plywood was not restrained.


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Correspondence to Chiaki Tanaka.

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Part of this work was presented at the 47th Annual Meeting of The Japan Wood Research Society, Kochi, April 1997

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Xu, H., Tanaka, C., Nakao, T. et al. Evaluation of rolling shear strength of plywood by flexural vibration method. J Wood Sci 44, 147–151 (1998).

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Key words

  • Plywood
  • Rolling shear
  • Young's modulus
  • Shear modulus
  • Flexural vibration