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Liquid penetration of precompressed wood VI: Anatomical characterization of pit fractures


Pit fractures of refractory coniferous heartwoods caused by precompression in the radial direction were investigated and are discussed in terms of improved liquid penetration. Small cracks appeared at the boundary between the torus and margo, along the outer margin of the margo, and on the torus when specimens were compressed and deformation was fixed by drying. The remarkable cracks were generally observed for Cryptomeria japonica D. Don. Pseudotsuga menziesii Franco showed peculiar detachment of the torus from the pit border, and Larix leptolepis Gordon exhibited only small cracks on the torus. These fractures patterns were clearer when the precompressed specimens were recovered by water impregnation and then redried.


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Correspondence to Ugai Watanabe.

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This report was presented at the 46th Annual Meeting of the Japan Wood Research Society, Kumamoto, April 1996

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Watanabe, U., Imamura, Y. & Iida, I. Liquid penetration of precompressed wood VI: Anatomical characterization of pit fractures. J Wood Sci 44, 158–162 (1998).

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