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Measurement of bending properties of wood by compression bending tests


We measured Young's modulus, proportional limit stress, and bending strength by the compression bending test and examined the applicability of the testing method by comparing it with conventional bending test methods. Long columns of todomatsu (Japanese fir,Abies sachalinensis Fr. Schmidt) with various length/thickness ratios were the specimens. A compressive load was axially applied to the specimen supported with pin ends. Young's modulus, the proportional limit stress, and the bending strength were obtained from the load-loading point displacement and load-strains at the outer surfaces until the occurrence of bending failure. Four-point bending tests were also conducted, and the bending properties obtained were compared with the corresponding properties obtained by the compression bending tests. Based on the experimental results, we believe that when the stress-strain relation is measured by the load-loading point displacement relation using specimens whose length/thickness ratio is large enough, the bending properties can be obtained properly using the compression bending test.


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