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Some possibilities for reducing circular saw idling noise


The sound pressure level of differently designed circular saw blades were investigated during idling. Nine blade samples were used: three differently designed blade bodies (without slots, with four radial slots, and with four slots with copper cork), each with three diameters (260,280, and 300 mm). The sound pressure level was measured at different rotational frequencies ranging from 25 to 65 rps in increments of 1 rps. Rubber damping rings 80mm in diameter and 0.3 mm thick were placed between the saw blade and the collars, and the emitted noise was measured. Because of the whistling sound the blades without slots emitted high sound pressure levels. There were no significant changes when rubber damping rings were used. The use of rubber damping rings on the samples with radial slots eliminates the whistling noise. The saws with copper corks did not emit a whistling noise at all, and their aerodynamic noise was 2–3 dB (A) lower than the aerodynamic noise of the saws with radial slots. The relation between sound pressure emitted by the damped idling saw and peripheral velocity can be described by the power function with the exponent value between 4.8 and 5.2.


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