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Automatic detection of a damaged cutting tool during machining II: method to detect gullet crack in a bandsaw during sawing


This paper presents a method for detecting gullet cracks in a bandsaw during sawing by monitoring burst-type acoustic emission (AE) signals with large amplitude. The amplitudes of the AE signal and profile height amplitude distributions based on roughness profiles of the sawn surface were compared for the bandsaw with and without gullet cracks. The amplitudes of the AE signal increased and the sawn surface quality became worse with the increased number of gullet cracks in the bandsaw.


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Zhu, N., Tanaka, C. & Ohtani, T. Automatic detection of a damaged cutting tool during machining II: method to detect gullet crack in a bandsaw during sawing. J Wood Sci 47, 490–492 (2001).

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Key words

  • Acoustic emission
  • Bandsaw
  • Gullet crack