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Improvement of fiberboard made from acetylated fibers by ozonation I: effect of ozonation on mechanical properties


Acetylated fibers with a 24.8% weight gain by acetylation were ozonated with 0%–2.0% ozone on fibers. Fiberboards were then made from these treated fibers. The internal bond and bending strength of the acetylated fiberboards increased drastically with increasing ozone charge up to 0.5%–1.0%, whereas the thickness swelling of the fiberboards decreased. Ozone selectively cleaves the aromatic rings of hydrophobic lignin and introduces a hydrophilic carboxyl group into lignin. Thus, the wettability and thermoplasticity of acetylated fibers increased, and this structural modification improved the interfiber contact. Internal bond and bending strength increased as a result. In addition, steep density profiles were formed by the ozonation, resulting in high bending strength. The high compaction ratio accelerated the effect of ozonation. The optimum ozone charges for improving mechanical properties were 0.5%–1.0%.


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