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Screening of wood-rotting fungi for kraft pulp bleaching by the Poly R decolorization test and biobleaching of hardwood kraft pulp byPhanerochaete crassa WD1694


From among 419 wood-rotting fungi 10 were selected by the Poly R decolorization test, and their ability to bleach hardwood kraft pulp was assayed. Of the 10 selected, 6 fungi (i.e.,Phanerochaete crassa WD1694 and F150;Pleurotus pulmonarius PSC-H, PSC-M, and PSC-T;and Pleurotus species A119) showed much higher bleaching ability thanPhanerochaete chrysosponum BKMF1767 orTrametes versicolor WD1670, both of which are well-known high ligninolytic fungi.P. crassa WD1694 had the highest bleaching ability among the selected strains, and it increased the pulp brightness from 28 to 54, with a corresponding decrease in kappa number from 16 to 6 after 10 days of cultivation and alkali extraction. MnP was a predominant ligninolytic enzyme ofP. crassa WD1694 during the biobleaching.


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