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Cell wall thickness and tangential Young's modulus in coniferous early wood


To investigate the effect of wall thickening around cell corners on the tangential Young's modulus of coniferous early wood, tapered beam cell models in which the variation of the cell wall thickness in the axial direction was taken into account were constructed for seven species. Their tangential Young's moduli were compared with the experimental results. The calculated Young's moduli of tapered beam cell models were larger than those of the models composed of the cell walls with uniform thickness, although both models showed almost the same density. For some species the calculated Young's moduli of the models in which the cell wall thickness increased curvilinearly in the axial direction were much closer to the experimental values. The reduction of the radial cell wall deflection due to the increase of the stiffness around cell corners was considered to increase the tangential Young's modulus of a wood cell.


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