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Studies on the synthesis and properties of terpene-phenol-aldehyde resin with a high softening point


Synthesis conditions of terpene-phenol-aldehyde resin with a high softening point were studied based on the reactions amongα-pinene, phenol, and formaldehyde. A suitable catalyst system and the best processing conditions were obtained by laboratory experiments. The influence of the raw materials ratios, reaction temperature, reaction time, and catalyst dose on the softening point, yield, and color of the synthesized resin was examined. The physical and chemical characteristics of the resin were determined: softening point ≥140°C (ball and ring method); color value ≤7 (Gardner); acid value (KOH mg/g) <1; bromine value (Br2 mg/100g) <64; saponification value (KOH mg/g) <1; average molecular weight 830. The yield of resin was more than 85% (based on the total raw material).


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Wang, SF., Furuno, T. & Cheng, Z. Studies on the synthesis and properties of terpene-phenol-aldehyde resin with a high softening point. J Wood Sci 46, 143–148 (2000).

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Key words

  • α-Pinene
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