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Influence of wood species on the sawdust-based cultivation ofPleurotus abalonus andPleurotus eryngii


Mycelial growth and fruit body formation ofPleurotus abalonus andP. eryngii cultured on various sawdust-based substrates from different wood species were investigated. Growth onCryptomeria japonica substrate resulted in good mycelial growth and a high yield of fruit bodies.Larix kaempferi substrate was unsuitable for the cultivation of these mushrooms. The fruit body formation rate correlated with mycelial growth from all the wood species tested. Although differences were found for mycelial growth and fruit body formation on various wood species, there were no wood species that were completely unsuitable exceptL. kaempferi. These results show that a wide range of wood species can be used for the cultivation ofP. abalonus andP. eryngii.


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Key words

  • Pleurotus abalonus
  • Pleurotus eryngii
  • Sawdust-based cultivation
  • Mycelial growth
  • Fruit body formation