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Wood identification of JapaneseCyclobalanopsis species (Fagaceae) based on DNA polymorphism of the intergenic spacer betweentrnT andtrnL 5′ exon


DNA was extracted from wood samples of six representativeCyclobalanopsis species (Fagaceae) growing in Japan that cannot be distinguished from one another by conventional microscopy. A part of the intergenic spacer region betweentrnT andtrnT 5′ exon was amplified and sequenced. The sequences obtained from wood samples were grouped into three DNA types by a single nucleotide polymorphism as reported previously in leaf samples: I (Quercus acuta, Q. sessilifolia, Q. salicina), II (Q. myrsinaefolia, Q. glauca), and III (Q. gilva). Thus,Q. gilva can be distinguished from the otherQuercus species, and the others are separated in two subgroups based on DNA polymorphism. The present findings support the possibility of wood identification based on DNA polymorphism.


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