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Two-body and three-body abrasive wear properties of katsura wood


Two-body and three-body abrasive wear tests of katsura wood were carried out using abrasive paper and moving abrasive grains, respectively. The two-body and three-body abrasive wear properties were investigated and compared. The wear rate of two-body abrasive wear was two orders of magnitude larger than that of three-body abrasive wear. Moreover, two-body abrasive wear of katsura wood increased with higher applied surface pressure, whereas three-body abrasive wear did not always depend on the applied surface pressure. Based on these results and observation of the wear surface profiles, it is suggested that two-body abrasive wear is more affected by yield stress and surface microstructure, and three-body abrasive wear is more affected by the cutting action of moving abrasive grains. Furthermore, during wear tests with different abrasive grain sizes, critical grain size effects of two-body abrasive wear were observed at low applied surface pressures but not at high applied surface pressures. The critical grain size effects of three-body abrasive wear were observed at both low and high applied surface pressures.


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