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Dihydroroseoside, a new cyclohexanone glucoside, from the leaves of shirakamba (Betula platyphylla Sukatchev var.japonica Hara)


A new cyclohexanone glucoside (II) and a known cyclohexenone glucoside roseoside [I, (6S, 9S)-6-hydroxy-6-(9-β-D-glucopyranosyloxy-trans-7-butenyl)-1,5,5-trimethyl-1-cyclohexenone] were isolated from an ethanol extract of shirakamba (Betula platyphylla Sukatchev var.japonica Hara) leaves. The structure ofII was determined to be (6S, 9R)-6-hydroxy-6-(9-O-β-D-glucopyranosyloxy-trans-7-butenyl)-1, 5,5-trimethyl-1-cyclohexanone by1H-NMR and13C-NMR spectroscopic analyses. It was named dihydroroseoside.


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