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Isolation and sequence analysis of the promoter and an allelic sequence of the iron-sulfur protein subunit gene from the white-rot fungusPleurotus ostreatus


We have isolated a structural gene ofsdil, which encodes the iron-sulfur protein (Ip) subunit of succinate dehydrogenase (EC, from a white-rot basidiomycete,Pleurotus ostreatus. Here we report isolation of the promoter region ofsdil and an allelic sequence encoding the second-type cDNA fragment isolated in the former experiments. The nucleotide sequence analysis of the promoter region revealed the existence of putative CAAT and TATA boxes, which permits us to develop an expression system in this species. The Southern blot analysis and the restriction fragment length polymorphism assay using monokaryotic strains demonstrated that no family genes tosdil exist in the haploid genome ofP. ostreatus. Moreover, a genetic analysis to detect a linkage between thesdil genotypes and flutolanil resistance in the mutantP. ostreatus strains was also developed.


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Irie, T., Honda, Y., Matsuyama, T. et al. Isolation and sequence analysis of the promoter and an allelic sequence of the iron-sulfur protein subunit gene from the white-rot fungusPleurotus ostreatus . J Wood Sci 44, 491–494 (1998).

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Key words

  • Succinate dehydrogenase
  • Iron-sulfur subunit
  • Gene cloning
  • White-rot basidiomycete
  • Pleurotus ostreatus