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Five heavy metals in propagules of ten mangrove species of China


Five heavy metals in the propagules of 10 mangrove species in China have been investigated. The results revealed that the levels of five heavy metals in most of the propagules were lower than the background levels of the soil. The levels of copper, manganese, zinc, cadmium, and lead in the propagules varied at about 2.1–7.8 μg/g, 3.9–28.0 μg/g, 5.7–60.0 μg/g, 0.014–0.057 μg/g, and 0.018–0.038 μg/g, respectively. On average, the levels of five heavy metals were in the order Zn > Mn > Cu > Cd > Pb. The biological absorption coefficients were 0.02–1.30 for copper, manganese, zinc, and cadmium and about 0.0007–0.0020 for lead in propagules, showing the following order: Zn > Cd > Cu > Mn > Pb. The above results indicate that the five heavy metals have low accumulation in most of the propagules of 10 mangrove species and are at safe levels for the effective utilization of mangrove resources.


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