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Isolation and characterization of a novel anionic peroxidase cDNA found in poplar (Populus nigra) suspension cultured cells

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Journal of Wood ScienceOfficial Journal of the Japan Wood Research Society200147:BF01171217

  • Received: 20 December 1999
  • Accepted: 9 June 2000
  • Published:


A cDNA clone fromPopulus nigra L. var.italica Koehne, denoted PCY2-6, coding for an anionic peroxidase has been isolated, cloned, and characterized. PCY2-6 is 1160 bp long; and its deduced product, PnC26, contains 343 amino acid residues. The mature protein has a calculated isoelectric point of 4.09. The protein contains two motifs typical of peroxidase and 10 potentialN-glycosylation sites. PnC26 is therefore classified as an anionic peroxidase. The mRNA of the PCY2-6 gene family was detected in immature and mature leaves and in two parts of current-year stems: the shoot tip and the older stem. The mRNA of PCY2-6 gene family was found to localize in the phloem and cortex of the current-year stems. We therefore conclude that expression of the PCY2-6 gene family is related to bark development.

Key words

  • Anionic peroxidase
  • Bark
  • Populus nigra
  • Suspension cultured cells