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Fire-resistant performance of a laminated veneer lumber joint with metal plate connectors protected with graphite phenolic sphere sheeting

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Journal of Wood ScienceOfficial Journal of the Japan Wood Research Society200147:BF01171222

  • Received: 23 February 2000
  • Accepted: 16 June 2000
  • Published:

The Erratum to this article has been published in Journal of Wood Science 2001 47:BF00766725


Creep under fire of laminated veneer lumber (LVL) joined with metal connectors was studied. The fire-resistant performance of LVL butt joints connected with metal plates protected with graphite phenolic sphere (GPS) sheeting was discussed. The GPS sheeting was overlaid on the joint in different sizes and locations. The joint was exposed to a burner with a top flame temperature of 800°C and loaded with a load of 200 N to test for creep under fire. The results showed that the fire-resistant performance of the joint was markedly improved by the sheeting. The size and location of the GPS sheet significantly affected the time to rupture of the specimen, which was six times longer than that without GPS. Temperature measurements at the joint showed that the GPS sheeting distributed the heat along the surface and delayed failure. Thermographic images and analyses clarified the improvement in fire-resistant properties due to GPS.

Key words

  • Laminated veneer lumber
  • Joint
  • Graphite phenolic spheres
  • Metal plate connectors
  • Creep test
  • Fire-retardant performance