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Sulfuric acid bleaching of kraft pulp 1: Bleaching of hardwood and softwood kraft pulps


To develop a new nonchlorine bleaching technology, hardwood and softwood kraft pulps, before and after oxygen-alkali predelignification, were treated with dilute sulfuric acid solutions (pH 1.0-1.8) at 100°C for 1 h and then extracted with aqueous sodium hydroxide at 70°C for l h. Hardwood kraft pulp was successfully bleached. The delignification selectivity was similar to that seen with oxygen-alkali bleaching; and it was greatly enhanced by the addition of sodium nitrate and sodium nitrite. The sulfuric acid bleaching can replace the presently adopted oxygen and chlorine stages if the additives are allowed. This bleaching process was also effective for oxygen-bleached hardwood kraft pulp, but it was less effective for softwood kraft pulp and oxygen-bleached softwood kraft pulp. The effectiveness of the addition of sodium nitrate and sodium nitrite was more apparent for softwood kraft pulp than for hardwood kraft pulp.


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Key words

  • Sulfuric acid
  • Nonchlorine bleaching
  • Kraft pulp
  • Residual lignin