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Dynamic excitation and static loading tests of glulam lattice floor


A wooden lattice floor with high stiffness and damping capacity has been developed to solve noise problems in wooden apartment houses. The lattice floor consisted of Douglas fir glulam beams with inserted steel plate joints and drift pins. To examine the structural performance of the floor, dynamic excitation and static loading tests were conducted on the full size floor. The first and second order resonance frequencies of the floor were 13.5 Hz and 27.0 Hz, respectively. These frequencies are similar to the peak frequency of a conventional wooden floor and the combined floor fabricated from glued laminated timber and iron. The maximum static load of the floor was 127 kN. The apparent flexural rigidity was less than half the value of several floors studied in the past. However, it is considered that the stiffness is improved by constructing panels and this floor has almost equivalent performance. Relative deflection was not affected by the loading history.

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Correspondence to Masaki Harada.

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Part of this study was presented at the International Wood Engineering Conference, New Orleans, October 1996.

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Harada, M., Komatsu, K., Hayashi, T. et al. Dynamic excitation and static loading tests of glulam lattice floor. J Wood Sci 50, 450–454 (2004).

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