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Preparation of liquid polyesterpolyols from glucose and its methyl derivative


Preparation of liquid polyols from d-(+)-glucose (Glc) and its derivative, methyl-α-d-glucoside (m-Glc), has been studied. Direct reaction of ε-caprolactone (CL) with Glc (CL : Glc = 2 : 1–5 : 1 in weight ratio) at 150°C using tin(II) 2-ethyl hexanoate (SnEht2) (series A), in which melted Glc was suspended in CL, resulted in a dark-brown coloration of the reactants. The reaction was accompanied by formation of high molecular weight resins, a pH drop, production of water, and a considerable decrease in the hydroxyl value from the theoretically expected one. In the case of Glc/ethylene glycol (EG)/CL reaction system with SnEht2 catalyst at 150°C (series B), in which the weight ratio of Glc to EG was fixed at 1 : 1, Glc dissolved in the EG/CL mixture, but the brown coloration of the reactant mixture still occurred. In this case, the formation of water was enhanced, but the other effects found in series A were suppressed to a considerable extent. In the m-Glc/CL/SnEht2 reaction system (series C), in which m-Glc reacted with two to five times weight amounts of CL under the same conditions adopted in series A, development of the color, the production of high molecular weight materials and water, and the changes in pH and hydroxyl value were not observed. These results are discussed based on the chemical structural differences: Glc exists mostly in the hemiacetal form, but tautomerizes to the aldehyde, whereas m-Glc is an acetal and is protected from reversion to the aldehyde.

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Yoshioka, M., Miyata, A. & Nishio, Y. Preparation of liquid polyesterpolyols from glucose and its methyl derivative. J Wood Sci 50, 504–510 (2004).

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Key words

  • Liquid polyol
  • d-(+)-Glucose
  • Methyl-α-d-glucoside
  • ε-Caprolactone
  • Ethylene glycol
  • Polyurethane foam