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Constituents from the roots of Taxus cuspidata


The known propelargonidin, afzelechin-(4α→8)-afzelechin (1), the known lignans 7′-hydroxynortrachelogenin (2), epinortrachelogenin (3), nortrachelogenin (4), hydroxymatairesinol (5), allohydroxymatairesinol (6), matairesinol (7), oxomatairesinol (8), and isotaxiresinol (9), and the known taxoids taxinine M (10), taxayuntin (11), and 10-deacetyltaxol (12), and 10-deacetylbaccatin III (13) were isolated from the roots of Taxus cuspidata (Japanese yew, Taxaceae). The propelargonidin was isolated from Taxus spp. for the first time, and was detected in the roots, bark, and twigs.

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Kawamura, F., Ohira, T. & Kikuchi, Y. Constituents from the roots of Taxus cuspidata . J Wood Sci 50, 548–551 (2004).

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Key words

  • Taxus cuspidata
  • Roots
  • Propelargonidin
  • Lignan
  • Taxoid