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Study of crystalline behavior of heat-treated wood cellulose during treatments in water


The crystalline behavior of heat-treated wood cellulose treated at 85% relative humidity (RH), in water, or boiled in water after heat treatment was investigated. The normal increased crystallinity was significantly depressed for samples that were oven-dried and then treated in 85% RH or in water. In the case of boiling-water treatment, a more pronounced increased in crystallinity was initially observed, which then decreased gradually. The crystallinity decreased more than untreated wood for samples that were heat treated for long periods and was slightly higher than the decreased crystallinity from the beginning of the above two treatments. On the other hand, no significant change in crystallinity was observed for samples of increased crystallinity or decreased crystallinity that were treated under high-moisture conditions, for all three treatments. The results show that the crystalline state of wood cellulose heat treated under oven dry or high-moisture conditions behave differently if treated in water after heat treatment. Results suggested that the mechanism of crystallization might be different for samples that are subjected to heat treatment under oven-dry and high-moisture conditions.

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Bhuiyan, T., Hirai, N. Study of crystalline behavior of heat-treated wood cellulose during treatments in water. J Wood Sci 51, 42–47 (2005).

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Key words

  • Wood cellulose
  • Heat treatment
  • Watering and boiling treatment
  • Crystallinity