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Preparation of board-like moldings from composites of isolated lignins and waste paper II: effect of inorganic salt addition on board performance and evaluation of practical use of MDF


Board-shaped composites with medium density (MDF) were prepared from isolated lignins and waste newspaper, in addition to preparation of the composites with high density (HB). The board properties of both composites concerning bending strength and water resistance were improved by the addition of hardwood acetic acid lignin (HAL). The internal bond strength and water resistance of MDF, in particular the degree of thickness swelling (TS), were also improved by prolonged molding time. Adding inorganic salts contributed to the improvement of TS. The effect depended on the charge of the cation. Considering practical utilization of lignin-based MDF as a structural material, its performance was evaluated by combination of the single-shear test of nailed joints and the modulus of rigidity. As a result, this MDF had sufficient strength to be utilized as an internal shear wall material. Therefore, lignin can be considered as an alternative to conventional adhesives for the production of boards such as HB and MDF.


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  • Acetic acid lignin
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