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Manufacture and properties of binderless particleboard from bagasse I: effects of raw material type, storage methods, and manufacturing process


Binderless particleboards were manufactured from sugarcane (Saccharum officinarum L.) bagasse by steam-injection pressing and by using hot pressing as a reference method. The inner layer (core/pith) and the outer hard fibrous layer (face/rind) of bagasse were used as raw materials. The effects of bagasse type, manufacturing process, and storage method on the mechanical properties of binderless particleboards were investigated. The results showed that the bagasse pith particles provided better board properties than bagasse rind particles. It seemed that bagasse pith particles were more easily deformed than bagasse rind particles, enlarging the bonding contact area. The severe conditions of steam-injection pressing caused delamination on the bagasse pith binderless boards with densities of 0.6 g/cm3 or higher, and gave poor bonding quality. However, steam-pressed boards showed relatively higher board properties than hot-pressed boards. The storage method of sugarcane bagasse affected the chemical composition and the board properties. It was shown that the extent of self-bonding formation depends on the chemical and morphological properties of lignocellulosic materials, as well as on the manufacturing conditions.


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Correspondence to Ragil Widyorini.

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Part of this paper was presented at the 5th International Wood Science Symposium, Kyoto, Japan, September 2004

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Widyorini, R., Xu, J., Umemura, K. et al. Manufacture and properties of binderless particleboard from bagasse I: effects of raw material type, storage methods, and manufacturing process. J Wood Sci 51, 648–654 (2005).

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  • Binderless board
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