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Effects of temperature on mechano-sorptive creep of delignified wood


The effects of temperature on mechano-sorptive (MS) creep of delignified hinoki wood (Chamaecyparis obtusa Endl.) were investigated using longitudinal (L) and radial (R) specimens during adsorption and desorption over the temperature range of 20°–80°C. The results were compared with those of stepwise delignified specimens tested at a constant temperature of 20°C. It was found that the effects of temperature on the MS creep of delignified specimens are more remarkable than for untreated specimens. The tendencies of increasing MS creep with temperature, delignification, and their combination were observed. The increase in MS creep for L specimens was relatively small and almost equal in both adsorption and desorption processes, while for R specimens the MS creep was small in desorption, but significantly different in adsorption. In addition, good correlation was observed between the MS coefficient (K) and instantaneous compliance (J 0). The increase in MS creep occurs as a result of temperature increase or decrease in lignin content, or their interacting effects. However, in the case of desorption for R specimens, the increase of MS creep was unexpectedly small due to a remarkably increased J 0.


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Part of this report was presented at the 15th Annual Meeting of the Chubu Branch of the Japan Wood Research Society in Fukui, October 2005

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