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Development of a joint system using a compressed wooden fastener I: evaluation of pull-out and rotation performance for a column—sill joint


Compressed wooden plates and dowels were used to connect members in post-and-beam structures as a substitute for a steel fastener. In order to take advantage of the characteristic properties of compressed wood and to achieve optimum joint performance, two compressed wooden plates were used in each joint to give multiple shear planes for each compressed wooden dowel. Consequently, this type of joint showed very good properties in pull-out and momen-trotation performance, and its engineering design could be further optimized. This joint is expected to be introduced to many kinds of structural systems, including long-span frame structures made of domestic timber found in Japanese residential houses.


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Jung, K., Kitamori, A. & Komatsu, K. Development of a joint system using a compressed wooden fastener I: evaluation of pull-out and rotation performance for a column—sill joint. J Wood Sci 55, 273–282 (2009).

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Key words

  • Post-and-beam structure
  • Compressed wood
  • Pull-out
  • Moment rotation
  • Long-span frame