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Process integration of ethanol production from Japanese beech as treated with hot-compressed water followed by enzymatic treatment


Ethanol was produced from the hydrolysate collected as a water-soluble (WS) portion and a residue after hot-compressed water (HCW) treatment of Japanese beech with and without fractionation. Simultaneous saccharification with β-xylosidase and isomerization with xylose isomerase followed by fermentation with Saccharomyces cerevisiae were applied to the WS portion; simultaneous saccharification with cellulase and fermentation with S. cerevisiae was applied to the residue. Integration of the processes for the WS portion and the residue was investigated to improve the conversion efficiency throughout the whole process. The ethanol yield in the integrated process without fractionation was comparable with that for the process with fractionation. Ethanol yields were improved for both of the processes by modifying the operation pattern in which cellulase was added prior to fermentation of the residue.


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  • Ethanol production
  • Hot-compressed water treatment
  • Enzymatic treatment
  • Process integration