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Development of an air-injection press for preventing blowout of particleboard I: effects of an air-injection press on board properties


An air-injection press was developed to prevent particleboard from blowing out during the manufacturing process. The air-injection press, which has holes punched in the heating plates, injects high-pressure air into the board through the holes of one plate and releases the air through the holes of the other plate. The high-pressure air forces out vapor trapped within the board, thus preventing blowout. The newly developed press reduced the pressing time required for manufacturing board from high-moisture-content particles. However, the manufactured boards exhibited mechanical properties and dimensional stability inferior to conventionally manufactured boards.


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Korai, H., Ling, N., Osada, T. et al. Development of an air-injection press for preventing blowout of particleboard I: effects of an air-injection press on board properties. J Wood Sci 57, 401–407 (2011).

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