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Official Journal of the Japan Wood Research Society

Table 1 CO2 emission factors

From: Analysis of effect on CO2 emission reduction and cost estimation for the use of Bio-coke: a case study of Osaka, Japan

Energy CO2 emissions factors (t CO2) Unit
Electricity 5.16 × 10−4 kWh
Light oil 2.58 kL
Kerosene 2.49 kL
Gasoline 2.32 kL
LP gas 3.00 t
Mixed oil 2.32 kL
Multi-diesel oil 2.89 kL
Coal-coke 3.17 t
  1. Gasoline’s CO2 emission factor was used for that of mixed oil, because mixed oil is mostly gasoline. Lubricating oil’s CO2 emission factor was used for that of multi-diesel oil, because it is used as a typical lubricating oil for heavy equipment [19, 20]