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    The 1st Announcement of the 67th Annual Meeting of the Japan Wood Research Society in Fukuoka

    Date: March 17–19, 2017

    Venue: Kyushu University, Fukuoka, Japan/ACROS Fukuoka, Fukuoka, Japan

    The Japan Wood Research Society (JWRS) takes great pleasure in inviting all members of our society with an interest in the science and technology of wood to attend the 67th Annual Meeting of the JWRS that will be held from March 17 to 19, 2017, Fukuoka, Japan.

    The society members may take oral and poster presentations during the meeting. The symposium and the exhibition of the related companies will also be held.

    Due dates: January 11, 2017 for the entry of presentation with an abstract

    February 7, 2017 for early bird registration

    For more detail information, please visit

    For the Organizing Committee: Prof. Dr. Tetsuo Kondo (Chief)

    Prof. Dr. Yuji Tsutsumi (Executive Chief)

    Associate Prof. Dr. Hirofumi Ichinose (Secretary)

    Associate Prof. Dr. Daisuke Tatsumi (Secretary)

    Faculty of Agriculture, Kyushu University


    Mokuzai Gakkaishi (Journal of the Japan Wood Research Society)

    Mokuzai Gakkaishi is another official journal of the Japan Wood Research Society. This journal publishes original articles, notes, review articles, and announcements from the Society in Japanese but with English abstracts, tables, and figure captions for original reports. Contents of the latest issue of Mokuzai Gakkaishi are as follows:

    Volume 62 Number 4 2016

    Review article

    Jun Shigeto, Yuji Tsutsumi

    Roles of plant peroxidases in cell wall formation and modification

    Category II

    Ken-ichi Sugimoto, Noboru Nakamura, Eiichi Fujino, Yasuyuki Sano, Satoshi Shindo, Takahisa Kamada, Seiichiro Ukyo, Masaya Gonda

    Relationship between vertical load properties of floors and human sensory evaluation of walking vibration in wooden schools and offices I: Static and dynamic properties of large-span wooden floors

    Category III

    Masashi Nakamura, Akane Saito, Naoki Okada

    Derivation of image characteristics to describe the appearance of wood flooring products and verification of their correspondence to impressions evaluated by human observers

    Doppo Matsubara, Masahiro Shimada, Takuro Hirai, Ryo Funada, Nobuaki Hattori

    Embedment of metal washers into timber members of bolted timber joints I: Application of the theory of a beam on an elastic foundation

    Kai Moriguchi, Naoaki Shibata, Makoto Imai, Masato Yamanouchi, Takahisa Yoshida

    Optimizing the parameters of a knot assessment model based on the visual grading of JAS of lumber

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