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Fig. 2

From: The Arabidopsis NST3/SND1 promoter is active in secondary woody tissue in poplar

Fig. 2

Histochemical GUS analysis in two independent transgenic events (#1, ah; #3, ip). The images are from mature stem (a, b, i, j), young stem (c, k), leaf blade (d, l), a cross section of the main vein (e, m), a cross section of the petiole (f, n), root (g, o) and a cross section of the root (h, p). CZ cambial zone, F xylem fiber, PF phloem fiber, Ph phloem, Pi pith, PX primary xylem, R ray parenchyma cell, SX secondary xylem, Xy xylem, V vessel element. Bars indicate 1 cm (g, o), 100 µm (a, cf, h, i, kn, p) and 10 µm (b, j)

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