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Fig. 5

From: Natural autoxidation of longifolene and anti-termite activities of the products

Fig. 5

a Termiticidal activities after 7 and 21 days and b antifeedant activities after 21 days of exposure to compounds in the dual-choice test. Ctrl, control test; L, longifolene; LC, longicamphenylone; LL, norlongilactone; LA, longicamphenylol; LAc, longifolic acid; LOX, longifolene oxide; isoLAc, isolongifolic acid; LHK, longifolene–hydroxy ketone; NF, no-feed test. Bars indicate standard errors. Common letters indicate that there is no significant difference in the values. Asterisks denote a significant difference between sample and control papers; Tukey–Kramer test, p < 0.05

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