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Table 3 Results from analysis of the impact of Internet use on demand for newsprint paper and printing and writing paper

From: Socioeconomic factors influencing global paper and paperboard demand

Use Estimation method Adj. R 2 a b 5 b 6 b 7 b 8
Newsprint paper Fixed 0.3713 1.67e−02** −1.25e−07 5.17e−05* −2.44e−09** −1.00e−04*
Printing and writing paper Fixed 0.5767 4.52e−03 1.11e−06** 7.29e−05* −5.14e−09** 7.07e−05
  1. “Fixed” denotes fixed-effects estimation. Adj. R 2 denotes the adjusted coefficient of determination
  2. **, * 1 and 5% significance levels, respectively. The numbers of countries (n) and the total sample size (N) were 92 and 1450 for newsprint paper, and 104 and 1810 for printing and writing paper, respectively