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Official Journal of the Japan Wood Research Society

Table 1 Details of samples

From: Physiological effects of touching hinoki cypress (Chamaecyparis obtusa)

Material h
Hinoki 20
(+ JCP 25)
0.133 0.52 54.74 Brushing
Marble 20
(+ JCP 25)
0.186 1.87 0.08 Buffing
  1. h thickness of material, λ thermal conductivity, ρ density of material, Ra arithmetic average roughness, JCP Japanese cedar plywood
  2. aA heat flow meter (HFM 436 Lambda; NETZSCH, Selb, Germany), tuned according to ASTM C518-10 [19] and ISO8310 [20], was used. The direction of heat flow was vertically downward. The temperatures of the high- and low-temperature heat plates were 35 and 15 °C, respectively. The thermal conductivity at an average material temperature of 25 °C was calculated. The test specimens were used with the cedar plywood attached
  3. bThe samples were cured under the same environmental conditions as used in the thermal conductivity measurement; the mass was measured, and the density calculated. The samples with the cedar plywood adhered were used
  4. cA contact surface roughness profilometer (SE3500; Kosaka Laboratory Ltd., Tokyo, Japan) with a diamond needle was used. The evaluation length was 50 mm. The central portion of the samples was measured five times with 50-mm spacing, and the average value was calculated