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Fig. 2

From: Stereo-preference in the degradation of the erythro and threo isomers of β-O-4-type lignin model compounds in oxidation processes III: in the reaction with chlorine- and manganese-based oxidants

Fig. 2

Time courses of the changes in the recovery yields of compounds 1E and 1T, when either compound was individually or both compounds were together treated in the hypochlorite system at a pH of: a 13.3 and 70 °C or b 6.3 and 70 °C. Compound 1E: filled circle, filled diamond, filled star; compound 1T: open circle, open diamond, open star; in the individual reaction of compound 1E or 1T: filled circle, filled diamond, open circle, open diamond; in the reaction of both compounds 1E and 1T together: filled star, open star

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