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Fig. 2

From: Determination of physical and chemical properties and degradation of archeological Japanese cypress wood from the Tohyamago area using near-infrared spectroscopy

Fig. 2

NIR reflectance spectra of air-dried wood. a Absorption spectra at the wavenumber range of 7500–4000 cm−1 and second derivative spectra at the wavenumber ranges of b 7500–6400 cm−1, c 6400–5350 cm−1, and d 5350–4000 cm−1. The vertical axes in bd have different scales to clearly show the spectral features. Green solid line (NNTY99p, AD 303), green dashed line (NNTY99p, AD 253), red solid line (NNTY 59a, AD 349), red dashed line (NNTY 59a, AD 411), blue solid line (Modern, AD 1778), and blue dashed line (Modern, AD 1859)

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