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Table 4 Grading standard of mechanical properties of timber from Southeast Asia and Pacific regions by Forestry and Forest Products Research Institute (FFPRI) (1975)

From: Within-stem variations in mechanical properties of Melia azedarach planted in northern Vietnam

Grade MOR (MPa) MOE (GPa)
I ≤ 58.8 ≤ 7.4
II 58.9–82.4 7.5–10.3
III 82.5–106.9 10.4–13.2
IV 107.0–130.4 13.3–16.2
V ≥ 130.5 ≥ 16.3
  1. Units for MOR (kg/cm2) and MOE (103 kg/cm2) in original material were, respectively, converted to MPa and GPa for convenience in allocation the values in this study
  2. MOR modulus of rupture, MOE modulus of elasticity