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Fig. 2

From: Secretion of a callose hollow fiber from herbaceous plant protoplasts induced by inhibition of cell wall formation

Fig. 2

CLSM projection and sectioning images of protoplasts of tobacco BY-2 (AD) and A. thaliana (EH) under condition 1 (A, B and E, F) and condition 2 (C, D and G, H), respectively. A and E are the first days’ culture. Tobacco BY-2 cells (BD) were cultured for 3 weeks, while A. thaliana cells (FH) were cultured for 2 weeks. Cell walls were stained with CW. All scale bars indicate 50 µm, respectively. Cond. 1 and Cond. 2 indicate condition 1 and condition 2 in Table 1, respectively

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