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Official Journal of the Japan Wood Research Society

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Table 1 Wood mechanical properties tested by the authors

From: Lateral performance of a semi-rigid timber frame structure: theoretical analysis and experimental study

EL (N/mm2) EP (N/mm2) \({\sigma _{{\text{L,t}}}}\) (N/mm2) \({\sigma _{{\text{L,c}}}}\) (N/mm2) \({\sigma _{{\text{P,c}}}}\) (N/mm2) \(\rho\) (kg/m3)
9542 334 46.7 26.1 3.8 467
  1. E elastic modulus, \(\sigma\) stress strength, \(\rho\) density, L longitudinal to wood grain, P perpendicular to wood grain, t tension, c compression.