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Table 2 Mechanical performance parameters of the experimental tests

From: Lateral performance of a semi-rigid timber frame structure: theoretical analysis and experimental study

Test type Specimen K e P peak
Frame M1 0.4 kN/mm 57.5 kN
C1 0.3 kN/mm 54.5 kN
C2 0.4 kN/mm 55.5 kN
Connection M1 4.4 kNm/° 27.9 kNm
M2 4.4 kNm/° 29.1 kNm
M3 4.2 kNm/° 33.7 kNm
C1 4.5 kNm/° 35.3 kNm
C2 4.7 kNm/° 35.6 kNm
  1. Ke elastic stiffness, Ppeak load bearing capacity