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Official Journal of the Japan Wood Research Society

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Table 1 ABCG transporter genes selected for expression analyses

From: The gene expression analysis of Arabidopsis thaliana ABC transporters by real-time PCR for screening monolignol-transporter candidates

Gene name Annotation
ABCG11 Cuticular wax export [24, 25]
ABCG22 Stomatal regulation [26]
ABCG27 Unknown
ABCG29 p-Coumaryl alcohol transport [4]
ABCG30 Root exudation of phytochemicals [18]
ABCG32 Cuticular formation [9]
ABCG33 Unknown
ABCG34 Camalexin transport [19]
ABCG36 IBA transport [27], pathogen resistance [28], heavy metal transport [29]
ABCG37 Coumarin exudation [20]
ABCG38 Unknown
ABCG40 ABA uptake [30]
ABCG41 Unknown
ABCG42 Unknown
ABCG43 Unknown