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Table 2 Reference genes related to lignin synthesis and secondary wall formation included in the expression analyses

From: The gene expression analysis of Arabidopsis thaliana ABC transporters by real-time PCR for screening monolignol-transporter candidates

Gene name Function
VND6 Transcriptional switch for metaxylem differentiation [31]
VND7 Transcriptional switch for protoxylem differentiation [31]
MYB46 Transcription factor for cell wall formation [32]
MYB58 Transcription factor for lignin synthesis [33]
C4H Monolignol biosynthetic enzyme [34]
CCR1 Monolignol biosynthetic enzyme [35]
CAD5 Monolignol biosynthetic enzyme [36]
AtPrx25 Lignin dehydrogenative polymerization enzyme [37]
XCP1 Programmed cell death related gene [38]