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Table 2 Bonding force (N/g) calculated for the ionic liquids according to the results obtained from the Py2, IM2, and EtPy8 solutions

From: Ionic liquids as formaldehyde-free wood adhesives

Adhesive solutiona Based ionic liquid Bonding force per ionic liquidb (N/g) Bond strength (MPa, MN/m2) Spread rate of ionic liquid (g/m2)
Py2 [Py][Cl] 5.7 × 103 0.52 92
IM2 [IM][Cl] 7.2 × 103 0.60 83
EtPy8 [EtPy][Cl] 5.0 × 103 0.50 100
  1. aSee Table 1 for detailed composition of the adhesive solutions
  2. bBond force was calculated by dividing the bond strength (MPa or MN/m2) with the spread ratio (g/m2, see Table 1 for its definition) and accordingly has the dimension of N/g