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Official Journal of the Japan Wood Research Society

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Table 1 Pretreatment and pressing conditions of plywood

From: The effects of wetting and scratching pretreatment of veneers on shear strength of binderless plywood made from sugi (Japanese cedar, Cryptomeria japonica)

Sample Pretreatment conditions Pressing conditions
Time for soaking in water Tool for scratching Scratching direction Scratching times Temperature, °C Pressure schedule Time, min
A 12 h Sandpaper
Open and close 50–60 sets 220 1-step 30
B 45
C 4-step
D 200
E 12 h Wire brush Open 20–40 times 220 4-step 45
F 40–60 times
G 60–80 times
H Close 40–60 times
I 1 min Wire brush Open 40–60 times 220 1-step 30
J Circular 50 sets
K 100 sets
L 50 sets 20
M 45