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Table 7 Correlation coefficients between properties

From: Bending properties of dimension lumber produced from Siberian larch (Larix sibirica) in Mongolia

Grade and lumber typesnAD-MOEAD-MORMOE-MOR
Total lumber1900.182*0.215**0.789**
No. 1120.196 ns0.196 ns0.910**
No. 219− 0.090 ns0.021 ns0.760**
No. 3200.222 ns− 0.064 ns0.613**
Out grading31− 0.014 ns− 0.076 ns0.762**
I570.122 ns− 0.057 ns0.635**
II1040.180 ns0.249*0.814**
III290.196 ns0.106 ns0.879**
  1. For abbreviations, refer to Tables 2 and 4
  2. ns not significant
  3. * Significant at the 5% level; ** significant at the 1% level