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Official Journal of the Japan Wood Research Society

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Table 3 Microscopic features in the cross-section of misrecognized species

From: Detection and visualization of encoded local features as anatomical predictors in cross-sectional images of Lauraceae

 Growth ringVesselFiberParenchyma
BoundaryVPSVTD (μm)Frequency (/mm2)Tyloses and depositsWTAAPPAPRay frequency (/mm2)
M. japonicaDistinctDiffuse50–100, 100–2005–20, 20–40CommonVery thin, thin to thickdiffuseScanty paratracheal, vasicentric, confluent4–12
C. japonicumDistinctDiffuse50–100CommonVery thickdiffuseVasicentric, confluent4–12
M. thunbergiiDistinctDiffuse50–100, 100–2005–20, 20–40CommonVery thin, thin to thickdiffuseConfluent4–12
C. camphoraDistinct or indistinctDiffuse or semi-ringAngular100–2005–20CommonVery thin, thin to thickVasicentric, confluent4–12
  1. VP vessel porosity, SV solitary vessel outline, TD tangential diameter of lumina, WT wall thickness, AAP apotracheal axial parenchyma, PAP paratracheal axial parenchyma