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Official Journal of the Japan Wood Research Society

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Table 1 Colour parameters of Q. robur and Q. petraea heartwood extracts. Incidence of different solvents or mixtures of solvents 

From: Origin and characterisation of the extractable colour of oak heartwood used for ageing spirits

 Q. roburQ. petraea
Ethanol–water (5/5)
Ethanol–water (9/1)4.737.610.124.926.81.24.932.410.426.528.41.2
Methanol–water (9/1)4.638.29.825.
Acetone–water (7/3)5.727.35.211.512.61.15.625.
Diethyl ether2.261.43.429.429.61.42.658.72.628.728.81.5
  1. Extraction of 1 g of dry wood for 100 mL of liquid, at room temperature and dark
  2. aO.D. at 420 nm, value calculated for 1 g of dry extract
  3. bCIE L*, a*, b* measures and calculated parameters with a*, b* chromaticity coordinates C* and h*