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Official Journal of the Japan Wood Research Society

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Table 3 Summary of results

From: Determination of the physical and mechanical properties of moso, guadua and oldhamii bamboo assisted by robotic fabrication

PropertyMeanStd. dev.JG/T 199-2007BS EN 1990Charac. valuea
VX (%)knVX (%)kn
 Density (kg/m3)68497101.66141.67522
 Compressive strength (MPa)548131.66161.6740
 Elastic modulus (MPa)11,9302628221.677529
 Shear strength (MPa)162201.66111.6711
 Volume fraction0.330.04
 Density (kg/m3)73052101.66101.67608
 Compressive strength (MPa)5812131.66211.6738
 Elastic modulus (MPa)18,4803570191.6712,502
 Shear strength (MPa)122201.66181.678
 Volume fraction0.420.04
 Density (kg/m3)73483101.65111.66595
 Compressive strength (MPa)6811131.65161.6650
 Elastic modulus (MPa)20,6837868381.667604
 Shear strength (MPa)133201.65221.668
 Volume fraction0.460.06
  1. VX, coefficient of variation; kn, characteristic fractile factor
  2. aBased on the governing values of VX and kn (i.e. largest VXkn product)